Le Grand Courtil

Le Grand Courtil

Rihoy & Son worked closely with the Guernsey Housing Association to provide 90 units of extra-care housing on the site of the former Longue Rue residential home.

This £25m development provides attractive accommodation and an environment that encourages independent living, including on-site 24/7 care and a number of community facilities such as a restaurant, hairdresser and therapy rooms.

The project presented an added challenge with the construction of the new accommodation units around, and in close proximity to, the former and still operational residential home. The construction required the importation of a tower crane, with a 35-metre-long jib, from the UK.

The project was listed as a Premier Guarantee Excellence Awards 2014 “Top Development”.

Architect: Create Ltd

Engineer: CBL Consulting

M&E Consultant: Henderson Green Guernsey

  This extra care housing project will bring much needed quality accommodation and is a successful partnership between the Guernsey Housing Association, HSSD and the Housing Department.