The new 20 bed maternity clinic project at the Segera Mission in Laikipia, Kenya is now under construction, thanks to financial support from the Ellen Jane Rihoy Trust and Guernsey’s Overseas Aid & Development Commission. Once constructed the Laikipia County Government have committed to providing staff and equipment.

The project will take approximately 6 months to complete.

Once built, the clinic will be the only medical facility within a 20km radius, providing subsidised, quality healthcare to 2,500 pastoral families, including a maternity area that is crucial for mother-child welfare.

The project will eliminate the need to refer most maternal cases, thereby reducing maternal mortality rates (currently 1:10).

The clinic’s award winning roof design will harvest rainwater, providing a reliable, clean water supply in an areas of Kenya where up to 80% of disease related deaths amongst children are caused by polluted water.

Posted: 29 November 2022