We’re better known for construction, but we’ve also been building careers since 1924. We are proud to offer many professional career opportunities in the local construction industry to school leavers and graduates. Dillon is a trainee site engineer and started working at Rihoy & Son earlier this year. We spoke to Dillon about his role at the company and his interest in pursuing site engineering as a career.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself

    My name is Dillon and I’m a 23- year-old site engineer at Rihoy & Son. I’m in my third year of studying for my career and I’m currently working at the PEH modernisation project.

  2. What is a site engineer?

    A site engineer is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all technical aspects of a construction project. This can vary from on-site practical experience, to more of an advisory role. Some of a site engineer’s responsibilities include: setting out the position and levels of buildings, while maintaining control of this throughout the course of the project, keeping up-to-date records of the location and levels of underground services and overcoming on-site restrictions to achieve the intended design.

  3. What interests you about the construction industry?

    The variety in day-to-day work and construction projects means that the working day is rarely boring. The ability to see your work on these projects evolve and come to life can be very rewarding.

  4. What first attracted you to working for Rihoy & Son?

    As a young engineer, I want to gain experience working on a number of impressive and complex construction projects. As the leading contractor in Guernsey, Rihoy & Son is involved with the biggest and most challenging jobs the island has to offer. The level of engineering experience and career growth offered here is hard to come by in Guernsey.

  5. Are you studying towards a professional qualification and if so, how are you being supported in your efforts?

    I’m currently studying for a Higher National Diploma (HNC) in civil engineering. Rihoy & Son is supporting the qualification by allowing one day per week to attend college and offer encouragement to pursue higher education further. I have a supportive team around me, they have years of experience, which means I can rely on them for help and guidance.

  6. What’s your favourite part of the job?

    Problem solving is probably my favourite aspect of my job. I also enjoy learning about every aspect of a construction project and the technicalities involved to achieve a finished building.

  7. What are you goals for the future?

    My goals for the future are to finish my current qualification and remotely complete a degree in civil engineering, to then become a chartered engineer.

  8. What advice do you have for someone interested in a higher-level training scheme?

    These courses are ideal for those who prefer to remain on the island and prefer to study on a part time basis whilst also working and earning money. Although it’s not widely advertised in schools, there are lots of higher-level qualifications available in the construction industry that local contractors, like Rihoy & Son, is willing to provide and support you through.

Managing Director, Dan Taylor commented, “The construction industry offers a wide range of vocational and academic roles, with school leavers perhaps not being familiar with both of these routes locally. We provide career progression opportunities to those specialising in a trade and also to those following a management pathway, not only by gaining experience and knowledge on the job, but by also undertaking further qualifications.”

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Posted: 1 November 2023