Health & Safety Manager

Rihoy & Son is one of Guernsey’s longest-established building contractors. We employ more than 200 staff and are involved in all types of projects, from small contracts to many of the island’s most prestigious developments.

When you join our team you’ll benefit from job stability, career progression, a competitive remuneration package and the opportunity to gain experience on a wide variety of sites.

We are looking for a Health & Safety Manager to join our busy team.

The Position

The Health and Safety Manager is responsible for the management of health, safety and welfare across the company. The main aim of the role is the implementation of safety standards to minimise the risk of injuries or accidents in the workplace and promote a culture of safety across the company’s various construction sites.

The Health and Safety Manager is also responsible for ensuring that all operatives have the appropriate information, instruction and training to carry out their roles safely.

The role will require an understanding of construction operations and a sound knowledge of health and safety in construction.

Qualifications / Work Experience

  • 5+ years’ experience in health and safety management.
  • 5+ years’ experience in construction health and safety management.
  • Prior experience in risk assessment essential.
  • Site inspections and investigations.
  • Knowledge of local Health and Safety Legislation and ACOPS.
  • Experience working with commercial or civil construction projects.
  • NEBSOH qualified preferred.

Required Skills and Attributes

  • Sound/ethical judgment, strong leadership skills, and ability to work independently.
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
  • Proficient in MS Office.
  • CPR/First Aid Certified.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • First point of contact for all health and safety issues.
  • Ensure effective safety communications across the Company
  • Carry out documented inspections of sites, facilities, plant and equipment to maintain health and safety standards
  • Carry out regular 'Site Inspections' and prepare reports of findings for circulation - action where necessary with immediate effect high risk elements
  • Supervising/managing the day-to-day aspects of health and safety, and any health and safety issues arising
  • Setting a good personal example and having adequate knowledge of health and safety legislation relating to work on site.
  • Ensure that all new employees receive adequate induction training as soon as is reasonably practicable after joining the Company and on starting at a new site
  • Ensure all employees and contractors receive suitable information, instruction, training and where appropriate, supervision to assure their competence for the work they are to undertake
  • Ensure that all plant, equipment and materials are safe and suitable for the work for which they are to be used
  • Manage the training needs of employees to ensure they are competent to carry out their delegated duties
  • Ensure that suitable and sufficient risk assessments of Company activities are undertaken to identify and implement effective control measures required to eliminate, reduce or control the risk of harm occurring to employees or others who may be affected by the activity
  • Ensure that the results of the risk assessments are effectively communicated throughout the Company and to others who may be affected by the activity
  • Ensure that Rihoy & Son provide, maintain and instruct employees in the use of personal protective equipment as identified by risk assessment
  • Ensure that in respect of hazardous substances, appropriate information is available to enable suitable assessment of the process to be conducted
  • Ensure that accidents and near misses are recorded
  • Carry out accident investigations and report back on suggested improvements to prevent recurrence as required. Ensure accident reports are forwarded to HSE when appropriate – RIDDOR.
  • Ensure the maintenance of registers and records as required by current legislation

Key Roles and Responsibilities Cont.

  • Monitor health and safety performance of employees and contractors on site
  • Immediately bring to the attention of the Health and Safety Director matters relating to health and safety standards or performance
  • Support and assist the Director responsible for Health and Safety, and the Operations Manager in the execution of their duties
  • Provide guidance and health and safety briefings to the Managing Director, Project Managers, Site Managers and other Company personnel and contractors
  • Liaise with the fire authority to ensure adequate fire precautions.
  • Review and ensure that Fire Drills are being carried out and record they have taken place
  • Deliver campaigns to promote awareness of injury prevention and damage control
  • Assist in identifying appropriate training (in-house or external)
  • Attend meetings where health and safety input is required and attend 'project handover' meetings and assess any site/task specific risks
  • Oversee the implementation of the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Approved Code of Practice 2020
  • Chair and organise meetings of the Health and Safety Committee as required
  • Chair and organise meetings of the Health and Safety Committee as required
  • Maintain direct relationship with the Health and Safety Executive Guernsey
  • Oversee all 'Licenced' and 'Non-Licensed' asbestos ACM's/removals including the evaluation and preparation of RAMS
  • Prepare site 'Construction Phase Plans' and 'Fire Plans' as required
  • Assist / Produce Risk Assessments and Method Statements as required
  • Evaluate contractors' RAMS documentation
  • Ensure PUWER regulations are applied to all site environments - The 'Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations'
  • Ensure the company is fully compliant to the HSE LOLER Regulations - 'Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations'
  • Oversee all mechanical lifting operations inclusive of 'Crane Lifts' and production of 'Lifting Plans'
  • Regular discussions with Directors and Management regarding 'safe systems of work'
  • Principal user/ point of contact for 'Hard Hat' computer system
  • Maintain all site information on Hard Hat including 'Construction Health and Safety Phase Plans' and contractors Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • Maintain 'file copies' of site induction forms
  • Maintain stock and ensure site use of 'on-site' Permits, Lifting Plans, Induction Books, Accident Books, JWR H&S Policy Documents etc. First Aid provisions
  • Compile and maintain a list of approved contractors (and their sub-contractors) authorised to work for the Company to demonstrate that all contractors are competent to conduct the work they undertake
  • Carry out quarterly compliance audits of the workshop, yard, office and transport records
  • Maintain PPE issue records and apply recharges where necessary, in conjunction with HR
  • Responsible for 'site signage' for H&S requirements
  • Main contact for 'Emergency Call centre' - police / fire station ref: any issues with JWR sites.
  • Arrange and present 'Tool Box Talks' as required and assist in the development of On-site 'Tool Box Talks'

It should be noted that the above list of duties and responsibilities is not necessarily a complete statement of the duties of the post. It is intended to give an overall view of the position and should be taken as guidance only.

Further details

Location - This position is based in Guernsey, Channel Islands, applicants who have Jersey residency and are willing to relocate, are welcomed.
Place of work - Head Office and Site
Reports to - Health and Safety Director
Hours - Full time
Contract - Permanent

If you are interested in working for Rihoy & Son, please contact Izabelle Ellis, sending your CV with a covering letter.

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